Friday, May 31, 2013

Just another day

I have not been blogging a great deal lately. I had wanted to do a post about it being a year since I started this blog but my brain would not come up with anything of substance to say. I would love to say that this year has been all puppies, unicorns, hearts and flowers. There have been good things and not so good things that have occurred. I could re-hash all of it but why?
I am in a pretty good place right now. Stuff happens with Kevin now that used to turn me into a shrieking, crazy lunatic. Not so much now. Yesterday, he walked off his job! He just got an apartment and HE WALKED OFF HIS JOB!  Wow. In the past, my head would have exploded and texts would ensue where I would preach, demand to know why and so forth. But what's the point? Kevin is going to do what he is going to do. He's a man and he has to take care of his business.  After finding out about it I was at the grocery store and I found myself chuckling, thinking of the lunacy I would exhibit about something like that in the past. I am amazed at me and thankful that this year has brought me to a place that I can laugh at the old me.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I opened my pool and its green. :-( So I am dealing with that. I found a dead squirrel floating in it when I came home from work yesterday!  I face- booked that it was like an episode of Duck Dynasty. All I needed was Phil to come fish it out and for Miss Kay to fry it up for dinner!


Summer said...

Of course, I'm sad that your son is still not making good choices for himself but I'm so happy to read that you are in a better place! Good for you, mom!

Ugh, a green pool and dead critters at the bottom. Yuck, yuck! It's been 2 years since we moved and I miss our pool like crazy....until I read this, lol. Ahhh, the memories.

Annette said...

So progress! You can see your progress....that is a good feeling. I can remember times of being in the grocery store and having to leave my cart because I had begun crying. I would go out to the car, get myself together, go back in and try again. It would start again, so I would repeat the process. LOL Pitiful, so sad, but kind of funny today. Why didn't I just go home? lol
Oh your pool...ugh.

Sheri said...

I would have never even made it into the store in the past. I love that boy and he knows it, but I need to stay out of his way !

Anna said...

I lauged about frying the squirrel and boy did I need to laugh. When, you are happy just stay that way as long as you can. I am glad that you are happy today.

Addiction-A Mothers Perspective said...

It's quite a journey isn't it? The longer I'm on it though, the more I'm learning that it is sometimes through our greatest pain that we learn the most and become better people. We become more compassionate, better able to handle adversity, and stronger. It's good that you can see that progress within yourself.
It's an odd coincidence that my neighbor told me she found a squirrel floating in her pool this week too. Sounds like the poor little guys need to take swimming lessons.