Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's an F'd up world........

Ron at alerted me to the new products that Urban Outfitters has come up with. They are about as wonderful as the Olsen twins bag that has pills all over it.
He urged everyone to e mail the CEO and let him know what marketing geniuses they are.
Here is my e mail response to him that I wrote before I went to bed and prayed for my son.

I understand that sometimes retailers have to be "on trend" in order to sell

their products. I guess your genius marketing staff thinks that tapping into the

prescription drug abuse trend may be the ticket to great sales and profits. I

just hope you and your marketing idiots can sleep at night knowing that you are

perpetuating the rampant use of prescription drugs of our young people. I will

say a little prayer that you or one of your misinformed lackeys never has to

experience the horror of seeing a young person you love becoming a slave to the

addiction monster. What you see as a marketing tool is a constant reminder to me

that my loved one is in the grips of a profound sickness that people such as

yourself exploit for financial gain, just like drug companies who fund sites

that preach awareness but still profit off those who abuse their product.

Pleasant dreams sir.

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Dad and Mom said...

Thank you for your letter to the CEO