Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Good Stuff

My son is out of prison, out of the work release program and on probation and living with me and his sister. He has a full time job and continues to move forward and work on his recovery,
While in prison, he wrote A LOT of stuff in a kind of journal. Both prose and poetry. He has continued to write and wants to someday be published.
He has been networking and locating venues where he can read his work.
Last night, there was a open poetry reading at one of the local galleries. I took him there and he read a few of his poems. It was great to hear him and see his passion for his work. He mentioned his addiction as a prelude to one of the  poems he read.
There was a quiet young man there who came to listen to the readings. He and my son shared a smoke outside before things began and he told my son that he writes as well, but not poetry.
The young man got up after Kevin had done a few of his readings and asked if he could share something he had written. He told the people there that it wasn't a poem but we all said who cares? Read what you have.
I think we were all blown away by this young man's words. It was a piece about his struggle with anorexia and what happened when he decided he had had enough. WOW. It was so well written and created such imagery in everyone's minds!
When he sat down, my son said to him: " The way you read that made it poetry dude."
Big grin from the quiet young man.
He and my son exchanged e mails and Facebook adds. Kevin told me on the way home that he felt that maybe he had inspired him to get up and read. I told him that I thought it was so. Big smile from my not so young man.
The good stuff!!!!!