Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My husband was going out apply for work today and I suggested he take Kevin with him. He said he would but he doesn't like the way Kevin dresses. Kevin doesn't have a lot of decent clothes, along the way they have gone missing. I have considered taking him and getting him some new things so he can look decent, but I have done that before. It's usually unappreciated and then he thinks I am going to start doing more and more, including giving him money.He actually tried asking me for money Sunday and I told him no. He then asked his dad who also told him no.
I feel like Kevin's brain is still that of a 16 year old. When he was in rehab, it seemed he was starting to have mature thoughts and I was excited at first when he came home because he seemed ready to start getting his life together. Its been three weeks and his behavior is slowly eroding. Or, maybe it isn't. Maybe I am just expecting too much too soon. I just don't know any more.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri,

This really resonates with me. I have seen the exact same thing with my son. This pernicious addiction robs them of so much, including their ability to function in an adult manner. I think I have assumed all too many times that once the drugs are out of my son's system, he can go back to thinking like a normal 26 year old. In truth, I think it takes a really long time for their bodies and minds to recover from the drug use. It's all really exhausting, at times.

I hope something in this day brings you peace and serenity,