Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Kev is home and is so far staying clean. Other than that, I feel nothing has changed. He doesn't seem to be moving forward in terms of finding a job, and getting his finances and life in order. I realize it's going to take some time, but I really don't see any initiative on his part other than going to meetings every day. Yes, I know that is a good thing but I guess I expected a little more. Yes, I know its his program to work but because we have to get him to his meetings and since he is living with us, it's in my face every day. It also feels like I am still stuck on fixing him. Its a chore to keep my thoughts about what he should do to myself. Anyway, just thought I would get it off my chest.
I have been reading some very excellent posts and I want to thank everyone out there. Your insights are great and help me when I struggle.I would give each and every one of you a great big hug if I could!

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