Friday, March 22, 2013


Your birthday is less than a week away
I sit here pondering what to say
Do I reach out and ask if we can share
The day I watched your little eyes stare
At me, your mom, with innocent wonder
Or would asking be a terrible blunder?

Am I strong enough to realize
You no longer look back with innocent eyes
When the day is over
Will I let go
Stop searching for a truth that just isn't so?

I love you son
With my heart and soul
But these past several years
Have taken it's toll

I guess I still have to think this through
Before I can make any plans with you


1 comment:

Annette said...

I have written my girls birth story out several times for her and how giving birth to her affected it changed my life, the hope and promise I saw in her....and STILL see in her. I put it in a card and if I'm not going to get to see her, I mail it. I have done it for all of my kids at one time or seems to be very meaningful to them. It says, "You were wanted, celebrated, and I am glad you came to me."