Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Prep

Today is my son's 25th birthday. He is coming over to have dinner. I am  making his favorite meal and bought a banana cream pie for dessert ( He will take all the leftovers back to his place, especially the pie!)
I "prepped" my house before I left work this morning for the celebration. Instead of hanging streamers and balloons, making sure I had birthday plates and napkins and wrapping colorful gifts, I made sure any and all medications are locked up, any liquor was put away upstairs and any important papers and other things of value were upstairs under lock and key as well.
Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and bought him some food staples and some personal hygiene items.
I decided that was the thing I could be ok with doing. No gift cards he can sell and of course, no money.
I feel really good this morning, I am good with what I am doing.
I am going to take Annette's suggestion and write his birth story and give it to him.
I am looking forward to tonight.


Dad and Mom said...

Preparing a house for a party does take on a new meaning. LOL

Annette said...

Bless your are living in the moment and accepting that it is what it is. Good job mama!