Thursday, January 9, 2014

Checking In.....

Happy New Year to everyone!  Not a whole lot has changed. My son is still in jail. His pre trials have been postponed continuously, this past Tuesday's has been re set to late February. The process is very slow but the upside to it is that he has been drug-free for 5 months, he has put on much needed weight and he can't get smokes either. I visit him from time to time and he writes to me. Its sad that it came to this point for the two of us to have clear-minded dialog, but I believe that things are happening for reasons greater than my and his desires.
I have been reading blogs daily and I know there are good things and not so good things happening in other's lives. I think about and have good thoughts for everyone whether they are celebrating their loved one moving forward or whether they are despairing that their loved one is still battling the demon.
I'm glad that we have each other to understand and support. I may not comment on other's blogs as often as I should but believe me when I tell you that every sentence I read has an impact on me. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I tear up and always I give all of you out there a virtual hug!


Annette said...

It's hard being patient with the process huh. But it sounds like things are good. Not in any sort of way that you planned....but clean, not smoking, gaining weight, sleeping indoors each night and you know where he is....those are good things. He's having a minute to re-evaluate. (((Hugs))) to you too!

Addiction-A Mothers Perspective said...

As much as I hate having my son in jail, and know the agony of going through the justice system, I know that if I keep an open mind good things can come from the suffering. Just like you, knowing where my son is, where he is, and that he's alive, are true blessings in my life. I know full well that if he hadn't been arrested he would be in the living hell of active addiction. So I try my best, like you, to find things to be grateful for even though things haven't turned out the way I hoped. Peace and blessings to you.